2013 Journal Club Schedule

Every Friday: 12:20~13:15

For enquiries please email to nishida@het.phys.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp or naylor@het... Note that the current schedule assumes that the journal club is on every Friday throughout both semesters.

Date発表者 (Speaker)紹介文献 など (Journal, etc.)
Apr 5T. Kubota "New Boundary Conditions for AdS_3" by G. Compere, Wei Song and A. Strominger arXiv:1303.2662 [hep-th] "Chiral Liouville Gravity" by G. Compere, Wei Song and A. StromingerarXiv:1303.2660 [hep-th]
Apr 12M. Tanaka"Octave-Spanning Raman Comb with Carrier Envelope Offset Control" Takayuki Suzuki, Masataka Hirai, and Masayuki Katsuragawa PRL101, 243602(2008)
May 10T. Enomoto"CPT violation and triple-product correlations in B decays" Sunando Kumar Patra and Anirban Kundu arXiv:1305.1417v1 [hep-ph]
May 17H. Fukaya"Gauge invariant analysis of Higgs mechanism (on a lattice)" A. MaasarXiv:1205.6625[hep-ph], J. Frohlich et alPLB97 (1980)249, J. Frohlich et alNPB190 (1981)553
May 24K. Hashimoto"Holographic Schwinger effect" G.W.Semenoff and K. Zarembo ariXiv:1109.2920 [hep-th], PRL 107 (2011) 171601
May 31S. Funatsu"D^0-D ̄^0 Mixing in Gauge-Higgs Unification"Y. Adachi, N. Kurahashi, C. S. Lim and N. Maru arXiv:1103.5980v5 [hep-ph]
Jun 7A. Tanaka"ABJM Theory as a Fermi gas" M. Marino, P. Putrov, arXiv:1110.4066v3[hep-ph], "Interacting fermions and N=2 Chern-Simons-matter theories", M. Marino, P. Putrov, arXiv:1206.6346v1[hep-ph]
Jun 14Y. Hosotani"Quantum Time Crystals" Frank Wilczek(MIT, LNS), arXiv:1202.2539v2 [hep-ph]
Jun 21K. Kikuchi (Advanced from Jun 28)M. Luscher, “Properties and uses of the Wilson flow in lattice QCD”, arXiv:1006.4518[hep-lat]; M. Luscher and P. Weisz, "Perturbative analysis of the gradient flow in non-abelian gauge theories", arXiv:1101.0963[hep-th]
Jun 28T. KubotaK. Hinterbichler, L. Hui and J. Khoury, "Conformal Symmetries of Adiabatic Modes in Cosmology", arXiv:1203.6351[hep-th], "An Infinite Set of Ward Identities for Adiabatic Modes in Cosmology", arXiv:1304.5527[hep-th]
Priority Slots
Jul 5Y. Orikasa C. S. Fong, M. C. Gonzalez-Garcia, E. Nardi and E. Peinado, "New ways to TeV scale leptogenesis", arXiv:1305.6312[hep-th]
Jul 12K. NagasakiNadav Drukker,"1/4 BPS circular loops, unstable world-sheet instantons and the matrix model", arXiv:0605151[hep-th]
Jul 19No Journal Club
Jul 26A. TomiyaLuigi Del Debbio, Roman Zwicky, "Renormalization group, trace anomaly and Feynman-Hellmann theorem",arXiv:1306.4274[hep-th]
Aug SepSummer Vacation
Oct 4A. AlineaAdrienne L. Erickcek, Sean M. Carroll, Marc Kamionkowski,"Superhorizon Perturbations and the Cosmic Microwave Background",arXiv:0808.1570[astro-ph]
Oct 11H. MoriJ. Kallen, J. Qiu and M. Zabzine, "The perturbative partition function of supersymmetric 5D Yang-Mills theory with matter on the five-sphere," ,arXiv:1206.6008[hep-th], J. A. Minahan, A. Nedelin and M. Zabzine, "5D super Yang-Mills theory and the correspondence to AdS7/CFT6" ,arXiv:1304.1016[hep-th]
Oct 18No Journal Club
Oct 25H. Nagata"Phase diagrams of lattice gauge theories with Higgs fields",Eduardo Fradkin and Stephen H. Shenker,Phys. Rev. D 19, 3682–3697 (1979)
Nov 1Holiday
Nov 8No Journal club
Nov 15M. NishidaSean A. Hartnoll, Christopher P. Herzog and Gary T. Horowitz,"Building an AdS/CFT superconductor",arXiv:0803.3295[hep-th]
Nov 22T. OnodaTsutomu Kobayashi, Masahide Yamaguchi, and Jun'ichi Yokoyama,"G-inflation: inflation driven by the Galileon field",arXiv:1008.0603 [hep-th]
Nov 29S. OshimaJ. M. Maldacena,“Non-Gaussian features of primordial fluctuations in single field inflationary models”,arXiv:0210603[astro-ph]
Dec 6H. TagawaAli Kaya,"Loop in reheating and cosmological perturbations",arXiv:1306.3236 [hep-th]
Priority slots end
Dec 13W. NaylorPasi Lähteenmäki,G. S. Paraoanu, Juha Hassel,and Pertti J. Hakonen,"Dynamical Casimir effect in a Josephson metamaterial",PNAS vol. 110 no. 11 4234-4238
Dec 20K. Y. OdaJ. R. Espinosa,"Vacuum Stability and the Higgs Boson",arXiv:1311.1970 [hep-th]
Winter Vacation
Jan 10N. MisumiXingang Chen, Hassan Firouzjahi, Mohammad Hossein Namjoo and Misao Sasaki,"A Single Field Inflation Model with Large Local Non-Gaussianity",arXiv:1301.5699 [hep-th],Xingang Chen, Hassan Firouzjahi, Eiichiro Komatsu Mohammad Hossein Namjoo and Misao Sasaki,"In-in and δN calculation of the bispectrum from non-attractor single-field inflation",arXiv:1308.5341 [astro-ph]
Jan 17No Journal club
Jan 24T. OnogiB. Estienne, N. Regnault, B. A. Bernevig,"Quantum Spin Hall Effect and Topological Phase Transition in HgTe Quantum Wells",arXiv:0611399 [cond-mat]
Jan 31T. ShimotaniN. Maru, N. Okada, "H to Z gamma in Gauge-Higgs Unification",arXiv:1307.0291[hep-th]
Feb 7T. SuzukiH. Fujii, D. Honda, M. Kato, Y. Kikukawa, S. Komatsu and T. Sano, "Hybrid Monte Carlo on Lefschetz Thimbles -- A study od the residual sign problem",arXiv:1309.4371[hep-lat]
Feb 14No Journal club
Feb 21M1 Journal club
Feb 28M. TanakaThe ACME Collaboration, J. Baron, W. C. Campbell, D. DeMille, J. M. Doyle, G. Gabrielse, Y. V. Gurevich, P. W. Hess, N. R. Hutzler, E. Kirilov, I. Kozyryev, B. R. O’Leary, C. D. Panda, M. F. Parsons, E. S. Petrik, B. Spaun, A. C. Vutha, A. D. West, "Order of Magnitude Smaller Limit on the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron",Science 343, 269, 2014
MarSpring Vacation
Apr 9K. YamamotoW. Zimmermann, "Convergence of Bogoliubov's Method of Renormalization in Momentum Space", Commun. math. Phys. 15, 208―234 (1969)
Apr 16A. TayduganovW. Altmannshofer and D. M. Straub, “New Physics in B->K*mumu?”, arXiv:1308.1501[hep-ph]
Apr 23S. YamaguchiSheer El-Showk, Miguel F. Paulos, David Poland, Slava Rychkov, David Simmons-Duffin, Alessandro Vichi, "Solving the 3d Ising Model with the Conformal Bootstrap II. c-Minimization and Precise Critical Exponents," arXiv:1403.4545[hep-th]
Apr 24A. SonodaE. Witten, “Anti De Sitter Space And Holography”, arXiv:hep-th/9802150[hep-th]

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