Curriculum Vitae
Family name Tanahashi
First name Norihiro
Gender Male
Nationality Japan
2016/04 – Present:  Postdoctoral fellow,  Dept. of Physics, Osaka University
2014/09 – 2016/03:  Research Associate,  DAMTP, University of Cambridge
2013/04 – 2014/08:  JSPS Research Fellow,  Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo
2010/09 – 2013/03:  Postdoctoral Scholar,  Department of Physics, UC Davis
2010/04 – 2010/08:  Postdoctoral Scholar,  YITP, Kyoto University
2008/10 – 2010/03:  JSPS Research Fellow,  Dept. of Physics, Kyoto University
Ph. D. in Physics,  2010/03,  Kyoto University
    Advisor: Takahiro Tanaka
    Thesis:   Numerical Approach to Strong Gravity in
                                Higher-Dimensional Warped Spacetime
M. Sc. in Physics,   2007/03, Kyoto University
B. Sc. in Physics,   2005/03, Kyoto University