2014 Journal Club Schedule

Every Wednesday: 12:10~13:00

For enquiries please email to ryamamura@het.phys.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp or naylor@het... Note that the current schedule assumes that the journal club is on every Wednesday throughout both semesters.

Date発表者 (Speaker)紹介文献 など (Journal, etc.)
Apr 23S. YamaguchiSheer El-Showk, Miguel F. Paulos, David Poland, Slava Rychkov, David Simmons-Duffin, Alessandro Vichi, "Solving the 3d Ising Model with the Conformal Bootstrap II. c-Minimization and Precise Critical Exponents," arXiv:1403.4545[hep-th]
Apr 24A. SonodaE. Witten, “Anti De Sitter Space And Holography”, arXiv:hep-th/9802150[hep-th]
May 7A. AlineaJaume Garriga, V.F. Mukhanov, “Perturbations in k- inflation”, arXiv:hep-th/9904176[hep-th]
May 14H. Fukaya"Extended QCD," David B. Kaplan,arXiv:1306.5818 [nucl-th]
May 21no journal club(IPC intensive lecture)
May 28K. Hashimoto"A Quantum Rosetta Stone for the Information Paradox"by Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas arXiv1405.3655[hep-th]
Jun 4S. Funatsu"Radion and Higgs masses in gauge-Higgs unification"by Yutaka Sakamura arXiv:1009.5353 [hep-ph]
Jun 11N. Iizuka”Entanglement entropy in de Sitter space”by J. Maldacena, G. L. Pimentel arXiv:1210.7244[hep-th]
Jun 18Y. Hosotani"Symmetry breaking in gauge theories on orbifolds on the lattice”by Nikos Irges, Francesco Knechtli 1.Non-perturbative definition of five-dimensional gauge theories on the R^4 x (S^1/Z_2) orbifold arXiv:0505026[hep-lat] 2.Lattice gauge theory approach to spontaneous symmetry breaking from an extra dimension arXiv:0609045[hep-lat] 3.Progress in Gauge-Higgs Unification on the LatticearXiv:1402.3491 [hep-lat]
Jun 25T.Kubota"A Cosmological Slavnov-Taylor Identity" by H. Collins, R. Holman and T. Vardanyan arXiv:1405.0017 [hepth]
Priority Slots
Jul 2A. Tayduganov“Neutrino Trident Production: A Powerful Probe of New Physics with Neutrino Beams” arXiv/hep-ph:1406.2332 “Dressing L_mu - L_tau in color”, arXiv/hep-ph:1403.1269 by W. Altmannshofer, S. Gori, M. Pospelov and I. Yavin,
Jul 9H.Mori (slides) “A challenge to the a-theorem in six dimensions," by B. Grinstein, D. Stone, A. Stergiou and M. Zhong, arXiv:1406.3626 “On Renormalization Group Flows in Four Dimensions,” by Z. Komargodski and A. Schwimmer, arXiv:1107.3987 “On renormalisation group flows and the a-theorem in 6d," byH. Elvang, D. Z. Freedman, L. -Y. Hung, M. Kiermaier, R. C. Myers and S. Theisen, arXiv:1205.3994
Jul 16K. OdaRadion stabilization in the presence of Wilson line phase by Yugo Abe, Takeo Inami, Yoshiharu Kawamura, Yoji Koyama http://arxiv.org/abs/arXiv:1404.5125
Jul 23T. Enomoto”Flavor-phenomenology of two-Higgs-doublet models with generic Yukawa structure” Andreas Crivellin, Ahmet Kokulu, Christoph Greub arXiv:1303.5877
Summer Vacation
Oct 1N. Yamatsu”A non supersymmetric SO(10) grand unified model for all the physics below M_{GUT}” by G. Altarelli, D. Meloni, arXiv:1305.1001 [hep-ph] ”Effects of intermediate scales on renormalization group running of fermion observables in an SO(10) model” by D. Meloni, T. Ohlsson, S. Riad, arXiv:1409.3730 [hep-ph]
Oct 8N. Misumi"Double Soft Limits of Cosmological Correlations" by Mehrdad Mirbabayi and Matias Zaldarriaga, arXiv:1409.6317 "Multiple soft limits of cosmological correlation functions" by Austin Joyce, Justin Khoury and Marko Simonovic, arXiv:1409.6318
Oct 15A. Tanaka”Resurgence and Holomorphy: From Weak to Strong Coupling" by Aleksey Cherman, Peter Koroteev, Mithat Ünsal, arXiv:1410.0388
Oct 22no journal club Intensive lecture
Oct 28A. Tomiya"Entanglement entropy of SU(3) Yang-Mills theory" by Y. Nakagawa, A. Nakamura, S. Motoki, V.I. Zakharov, arXiv:0911.2596 [hep-lat]
Oct 29A. Furui"On how to count goldstone boson" by H.B.Nielsen and S.Chadha, Nuclear Physics B105 (1976) 445-453
Nov 5no journal clubAutumn Camp
Nov 11T. Shimotani"Flavor violating Higgs decay" by Roni Harnik, Joachim Kopp, Jure Zupan, JHEP1303(2013)026, arXiv:1209.1397
Nov 12A. Kagimura"Atomic collapse in graphene and cyclic RG flow" by A.Gorsky and F.Popov, arXiv:1312.7399 [cond-mat.mes-hall] "Anomalous Commutator Algebra for Conformal Quantum Mechanics" by Gino N. J. Ananos, Horacio E. Camblong, Carlos Gorrichategui, Ernesto Hernadez, Carlos R. Ordonez, arXiv:hep-th/0205191 "Nonrelativistic inverse square potential, scale anomaly, and complex extension" by Sergej Moroz, Richard Schmidt, arXiv:0909.3477 [hep-th]
Nov 19M. Kawashima“Self-duality of Born-Infeld action and Dirichlet 3-brane of type IIB superstring theory” by A.A. Tseytlin, Imperial/TP/95-96/26, arXiv:hep-th/9602064
Nov 26IPC master studentsIPC master students journal club
Nov 26R. Nagasawa (Yamamura)"Nonperturbative evolution equation for quantum gravity" by M. Reuter, Phys.Rev. D57 (1998) 971-985
Dec 3Y. Nakanishi"Cosmology or Catastrophe? A non-minimally coupled scalar in an inhomogeneous universe" by Pawel Caputa, Sheikh Shajidul Haque, Joseph Olson, Bret Underwood, Class. Quantum Grav. 30 (2013) 195013, arXiv:1306.0012 [hep-th]
Dec 10Y. Fujimoto"Flavor Mixing in Gauge-Higgs Unification" by Yuki Adachi, Nobuaki Kurahashi, C. S. Lim, Nobuhito Maru, DOI:10.1007/JHEP11(2010)150, arXiv:1005.2455 [hep-ph]
Dec 17Y. Sugimoto"On the gauge theory / geometry correspondence" by Rajesh Gopakumar, Comrun Vafa, Adv.Theor.Math.Phys.3 (1999)1415-1443, arXiv:9811131[hep-th]
Priority slots end
Winter Vacation
Jan 8 M. Nishida"Gravitational Dynamics From Entanglement “Thermodynamics”" by Nima Lashkari, Michael B. McDermott, Mark Van Raamsdonk, arXiv:1308.3716 [hep-th]
Jan 14W. Naylor"Force concept inventory" by Hestenes D, Wells M, Swackhamer G, The Physics Teacher 30: 141-166
Jan 21T. Onogi"Atomic Quantum Simulation of Dynamical Gauge Fileds Coupled to Fermionic Matter: From String Breaking to Evolution after a Quench" by D Bneerjee et al, Phys. Review Letters 109, 175302 (2012)
Jan 28M. Tanaka"Detecting non-relativistic cosmic neutrinos by capture on tritium: phenomenology and physics potential" by Andrew J. Long, Cecilia Lunardini and Eray Sabancilar, JCAP08(2014)038
Feb 4no journal club PHD thesis defense
Feb 10 T. Suzuki“Some remarks on Lefschetz thimbles and complex Langevin dynamics" by Gert Aarts, Lorenzo Bongiovanni, Erhard Seiler and D ́enes Sexty, 10.1007/JHEP10(2014)159
Feb 11no journal club holiday
Feb 17A. Sonoda"Solutions of four-dimensional field theories via M theory" by E. Witten, 10.1007/JHEP10(2014)159
Feb 18M. Hirotsu"Four-dimensional graphene and chiral fermions" by M. Creutz, JHEP0804:017,2008, arXiv:0712.1201[hep-lat]
Feb 20M1 studentsM1 journal club
Feb 24S. Yamaguchi"(0, 2) trialities" arXiv:1404.5314[hep-th] and "Exact Solutions of 2d Supersymmetric Gauge Theories" arXiv:1310.0818[hep-th] by Abhijit Gadde, Sergei Gukov and Pavel Putrov
Spring Vacation
Apr 8K. Yamamoto“Anomalies on orbifolds” Phys.Lett.B516:395-402,2001, arXiv:hep-th/0103135 by Nima Arkani-Hamed, Andrew G. Cohen and Howard Georgi

Past Journals