2015 Journal Club Schedule

Every Wednesday: 12:10~13:00

For enquiries please email to ryamamura@het.phys.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp or naylor@het... Note that the current schedule assumes that the journal club is on every Wednesday throughout both semesters.

Date発表者 (Speaker)紹介文献 など (Journal, etc.)
May 13A. Alinea "The Impact of Ultraviolet Regularization on the Spectrum of Curvature Perturbations During Inflation" arXiv:0707.1416 [hep-th] or PHYSICAL REVIEW D 76, 103528 (2007) by F. Finelli, G. Marozzi, G. P. Vacca and G. Venturi
May 20H. Fukaya "Why quantum gravity so difficult (compared to QCD) ?" References: M.Heller et al. Can.J.Phys. 93 (2015) 1, 43-54 arXiv:1403.2600 [gr-qc]; “Theoretical Foundations of Cosmology” World Scientific and other articles.
May 27A. Furui "Towards A Realistic Grand Gauge-Higgs Unification" arXiv:0706.1397 [hep-ph] by C.S. Lim and Nobuhito Maru
Jun 3K. Hashimoto “How to see internal space"
Abstract: Is internal space a space? Internal space, namely, the field space on which some global symmetry (such as U(1) group) acts, is called "internal space" but I don't know precisely why it is called so. In this talk I will explore the question and will come to a certain conclusion, using our new result on general effective action of internal moduli space of domain walls.
Jun 10Y. Hosotani “Gauge-Higgs Grand Unification" arXiv:1504.03817 [hep-ph] by Y. H. and N. Yamatsu
Priority Slots start
Jun 17A. Tomiya “Tensor Renormalization Group Approach to Two-Dimensional Classical Lattice Models" Physical Review Letters vol. 99, Issue 12, id. 120601 by Levin, Michael; Nave, Cody P, “Domain Wall Renormalization Group Analysis of 2-dimensional Ising Model" International Journal of Modern Physics B, Volume 23, Issue 18, pp. 3739-3751 (2009) or (arXiv 1109.1377v1) by K. Aoki et al, “Tensor Network Renormalization", arXiv:1412.0732 by G. Evenbly, G. Vidal
Jun 24N. Yamatsu "Branching rules for the Weyl group orbits of the Lie algebra $A_n$" J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 42 no. 48, (2009) 485203 by M. Larouche, M. Nesterenko, and J. Patera, "Branching rules for Weyl group orbits of simple Lie algebras $B_n$, $C_n$ and $D_n$" J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 44 no. 11, (2011) 115203. by M. Larouche and J. Patera, "Calculating the Renormalisation Group Equations of a SUSY Model with Susyno" Comput.Phys.Commun. 183 (2012) 2298–2306. or arXiv:1106.5016 [hep-ph] by R. M. Fonseca
Jul 1S. Funatsu "H → Z γ in the gauge-Higgs unification" by S. F., H. Hatanaka and Y. Hosotani
Jul 8K. Yamamoto “Approach to arbitrariness problem of boundary conditions” based on “The formulation of gauge-Higgs unification with dynamical boundary conditions” Nucl. Phys. B 883,45-58 by K. Y.
Jul 14A. Sonoda “5d En Seiberg-Witten curve via toric-like diagram” hep-th/1411.7903 by Sung-Soo Kim and Futoshi Yagi
Jul 22T. Suzuki "Resurgence theory, ghost-instantons, and analytic continuation of path integrals" arXiv:1308.1108 ( JHEP 1310, 041 (2013)) by Gökçe Başar, Gerald V. Dunne and Mithat Ünsal
Jul 29T. Enomoto "Lepton-flavor-violating Higgs decay h → μτ and muon anomalous magnetic moment in a general two Higgs doublet model" arXiv:1502.07824 by Yuji Omura, Eibun Senaha and Kazuhiro Tobe
Summer vacation
Oct 7A. Kagimura "Signature of the chiral anomaly in a Dirac semimetal: a current plume steered by a magnetic field" arXiv:1502.07824 by Jun Xiong, Satya K. Kushwaha, Tian Liang, Jason W. Krizan, Wudi Wang, R. J. Cava, and N. P. Ong
Oct 14H. Osaki "Scalar Singlet Dark Matter and Gamma Lines" arXiv:1508.04418 by Michael Duerr, Pavel Fileviez Perez, Juri Smirnov
Oct 21K. Tamaoka "Notes on SUSY Gauge Theories on Three-Sphere" arXiv:1012.3512 by Naofumi Hama, Kazuo Hosomichi, Sungjay Lee
Oct 28H. Teshima "Spontaneous magnetization in high-density quark matter" arXiv:1507.00801 by Y.Tsue, J.da Providencia, C.Providencia, M.Yamamura, H.Bohr
Nov 4HET Camp
Nov 11T. Yokoya “Quantum Entropy Function from AdS2/CFT1 Correspondence” arXiv:0809.3304 by Ashoke Sen
Nov 18N. Misumi “Implication of the scalar tilt for the tensor-to-scalar ratio” arXiv:1412.0678 by Paolo Creminelli, Sergei Dubovsky, Diana Lopez Nacir, Marko Simonovic, Gabriele Trevisan, Giovanni Villadoro and Matias Zaldarriaga
Priority Slots end
Nov 25N. Iizuka “Causality Constraints on Corrections to the Graviton Three-Point Coupling” arXiv:1407.5597 by X. O. Camanho, J. D. Edelstein, J. Maldacena and A. Zhiboedov
Dec 2M. Kawashima “Non-linear electrodynamics from quantized strings” by E.S. Fradkin, A.A. Tseytlin Phys.Lett. B163 (1985) 123
Dec 9T. Kubota "Signature of relativistic neutrinos in CMB anisotropy and matter clustering" by S. Bashinsky and U. Seljak Physical Review D 69, 083002 (2004), "Planck 2015 results XII, Cosmological parameters" by Planck Collaboration arXiv:1502.01589, and "Phases of New Physics in the CMB" by D. Baumann, D. Green, J. Meyers and B. Wallisch arXiv:1508.06342
Dec 17H. Mori “Generalized Global Symmetries” by D. Gaiotte, A. Kapustin, N. Seiberg, and B. Willett JHEP 1502 (2015) 172 arXiv:1412.5148
Winter vacation
Jan 6Y. Nakanishi "Cosmological Relaxation of the Electroweak Scale" by Peter W. Graham, David E. Kaplan, and Surjeet Rajendran Phys.Rev.Lett. 115 (2015) 221801 arXiv:1504.07551
Jan 19M. Nishida "Witten Diagrams Revisited: The AdS Geometry of Conformal Blocks" by Eliot Hijano, Per Kraus, Eric Perlmutter, River Snively arXiv:1508.00501
Jan 20K. Oda "Generalized S-matrix in mixed representations" by Kenzo Ishikawa, Takashi Shimomura arXiv:hep-ph/0508303 "Matter-enhanced transition probabilities in quantum field theory" "Finite-size corrections to Fermi's golden rule: I. Decay rates" by Kenzo Ishikawa, Yutaka Tobita arXiv:1206.2593 arXiv:1303.4568
Jan 27T. Onogi "On renormalization group flows in four dimensions" by Zohar Komargodski and Adam Schwimmer arXiv:1107.3987
Feb 3Y. Sugimoto "Topological Strings from Quantum Mechanics" by Alba Grassi, Yasuyuki Hatsuda, Marcos Marino arXiv:1410.3382 "Operators from mirror curves and the quantum dilogarithm" by Rinat Kashaev, Marcos Marino arXiv:1501.01014
Feb 10M. Tanaka "Hypersharp Resonant Capture of Neutrinos as a Laboratory Probe of the Planck Length" by R. S. Raghavan PRL 102, 091804 (2009) arXiv:0903.0787
Feb 12M1 students M1 journal club
Feb 17X. Wu “Fermion Path Integral And Topological Phases” by E. Witten arXiv:1508.04715
Feb 24S. Yamaguchi "Infinite Chiral Symmetry in Four Dimensions" by C. Beem, M. Lemos, P. Liendo, W. Peelaers, L. Rastelli, B. C. van Rees, Commun. Math. Phys. 336 (2015) 3, 1359-1433 arXiv:1312.5344
Mar 2R. Yamamura "Entanglement Renormalization for Quantum Fields in Real Space" by J. Haegeman, T. J. Osborne, H. Verschelde, F. Verstraete Phys.Rev.Lett. 110 (2013) 10, 100402 arXiv:1102.5524 "Holographic Geometry of Entanglement Renormalization in Quantum Field Theories" by M. Nozaki, S. Ryu, T. Takayanagi JHEP10(2012)193 arXiv:1208.3469

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