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Date/Place January 28th (Tue.) 15:30-16:30 / H711
Name Nozomu Kobayashi (IPMU)
Title The gravity dual of Lorentzian OPE blocks
Abstract We consider the operator product expansion (OPE) structure of scalar primary operators in a generic Lorentzian CFT and its dual description in a gravitational theory with one extra dimension. The OPE can be decomposed into certain bi-local operators transforming as the irreducible representations under conformal group, called the OPE blocks. We show the OPE block is given by integrating a higher spin field along a geodesic in the Lorentzian AdS space-time when the two operators are space-like separated. When the two operators are time-like separated however, we find the OPE block has a peculiar representation where the dual gravitational theory is not defined on the AdS space-time but on a hyperboloid with an additional time coordinate and Minkowski space-time on its boundary. This differs from the surface Witten diagram proposal for the time-like OPE block, but in two dimensions we reproduce it consistently using a kinematical duality between a pair of time-like separated points and space-like ones.


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