Upcoming Seminars

Date/Place March 2nd (Mon.) 16:40-17:40 / H711
Name Christophe Grojean (DESY and Humboldt U. Berlin)
Title TBA
Abstract TBA


Date/Place March 6th (Fri.) 15:30-16:30 / H711
Name Shohei Okawa (Victoria U.)
Title Electric Dipole Moments From Dark Sectors
Abstract We examine the sensitivity of electric dipole moments (EDMs) to new CP-violating physics in a dark sector that is neutral under the Standard Model (SM) gauge groups, and is coupled via renormalizable portals. In the absence of weak sector interactions, we show that the electron EDM can be induced purely through the gauge kinetic mixing portal, but requires five loops, and four powers of the kinetic mixing parameter. Allowing weak interactions, and incorporating the Higgs and neutrino portals, we show that the leading contributions to the electron EDM arise at two-loop order, with the main source of CP-violating being in the interaction of dark Higgs and heavy singlet neutrinos. In such models, EDMs can provide new sensitivity to portal couplings that is complementary to direct probes at the intensity frontier or high energy colliders. This talk is mainly based on PRD 100 (2019) 075017 (arXiv:1905.05219 [hep-ph]).


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