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Date/Place June 15th (Tue.) 15:40-16:40 / Online
Name Hayato Kanno-san (YITP)
 Title  Anomaly and Superconnection
Abstract We study anomalies of fermion with spacetime dependent mass. We calculate anomalies, which associate with the U(N)×U(N) chiral symmetry for even dimension and U(N) flavor symmetry for odd dimension, using Fujikawa method. These anomalies can be written by superconnection. In particular, we focus on vector-like U(1) part of the anomalies. These results can be applied to some general systems with interfaces and boundaries. They are also useful to some index theorems, such as APS index theorem. In the last part of this talk, the relation between this anomaly and string theory is discussed. This talk is based on [arXiv:2106.01591].

Date/Place June 25th (Fri.) 16:30-17:30 / Online
Name Kazunori Kohri-san (KEK)
 Title  TBA
Abstract TBA

Date/Place June 29th (Tue.) 15:40-16:40 / Online
Name Arindam Das (Hokkaido U.)
 Title  Probing the minimal U(1)X model at future electron-positron collider via the fermion pair production channel
Abstract The general U(1)𝑋 extension of the Standard Model (SM) is a well motivated scenario which has a plenty of new physics options. Such a model is anomaly free which requires to add three generations of the SM singlet right-handed neutrinos (RHNs) which naturally generates the light neutrino masses by the seesaw mechanism.This offers interesting phenomenological aspects in the model. In addition to that the model is equipped with a beyond the SM (BSM) neutral gauge boson, 𝑍′ which interacts with the SM and BSM particles showing a variety of new physics driven signatures. After the anomaly cancellation the U(1)𝑋 charge of the particles are expressed in terms of the SM Higgs doublet and the SM Higgs singlet which allows us to study the interaction of the fermions with the 𝑍′. In this paper we investigate the pair production mechanism of the different charged through the photon, 𝑍 and 𝑍′ boson exchange processes at the electron-positron (𝑒−𝑒+). The angular distributions, forward-backward (A_FB), left-right (A_LR) and left-right forward-backward (A_LR,FB) asymmetries of the different charged fermion pair productions show substantial deviation from the SM results.
Reference: arXiv:2104.10902

Date/Place July 6th (Tue.) 15:40-16:40 / Online
Name Ryutaro Matsudo-san (KEK)
 Title  TBA
Abstract TBA

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