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Date/Place November 26th (Tue.) 15:30-16:30 / H711
Name Ipsita Saha (IPMU)
Title Alignement limit in multi-Higgs doublet models
Abstract The LHC Higgs data are showing a gradual inclination towards the standard model (SM) result, and the realization of an SM-like limit becomes essential for beyond the SM scenarios to survive. Considering the accuracy that can be achieved in future colliders, models beyond the standard model that acquire the 'alignment limit' with an SM-like Higgs boson can surpass others in the long run. In this seminar, I will explain how to realize such limit in multi-Higgs doublet models, exemplifying in particular in two and three Higgs doublet extensions. Using a convenient parametrization, I will demonstrate that the alignment limit for CP-conserving three Higgs-doublet models (3HDM) takes on the same analytic structure as that in the case of two Higgs-doublet models (2HDM). Further, I will explain how such alignment limit can be efficiently implemented in a variety of 3HDM while in 2HDM extensions how such alignment limit can also draw crucial conclusions on the model parameter space with an absolute stable potential.


Date/Place December 3rd (Tue.) 15:30-16:30 / H711
Name Atsuyuki Yamada (Nagoya U.)
Title To be, or not to be finite? The Higgs potential in Gauge-Higgs Unification
Abstract In this seminar, we investigate the finiteness of the Higgs effective potential in an SU(N) Gauge-Higgs Unification (GHU) model defined on M^4xS^1. We obtain the Higgs effective potential at the two-loop level and find that it is finite. We also discuss that the Higgs effective potential is generically divergent for the three- or higher-loop levels. As an example, we consider an SU(N) gauge theory on M^5xS^1, where the one-loop corrections to the four-Fermi operators are divergent. We find that the Higgs effective potential depends on their counter terms at the three-loop level.


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