Upcoming Seminars

Date/Place December 5th (Tue.) 15:40-16:40 / H701
Name Kei Yamamoto (Hiroshima Institute of Technology)
 Title  Interplay of new physics effects in muon g-2, EDM and LFV with U(2) flavor symmetry
Abstract The electric and magnetic dipole moments of the electron and the muon are low-energy probes of New Physics (NP) beyond the Standard Model (SM). The recent experimental measurement of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon has indicated the discrepancy with the SM prediction. The long-standing muon g-2 anomaly might be a hint for new physics. In this seminar, after brief review of U(2) flavor symmetry, I will discuss the interplay of NP among the lepton magnetic moment, the lepton flavor violation (LFV) and the electron electric dipole moment (EDM) in light of recent data of the muon g-2, in the SMEFT with the U(2) flavor symmetry.

Date/Place December 12th (Tue.) 15:40-16:40 / H701
Name Shota Fujiwara (Witwatersrand U.)
 Title  Recent developments on the giant-graviton expansion
Abstract Recently, a new method for calculating the superconformal index, called the giant-graviton expansion, has been established. This method calculates superconformal indices of SCFTs from the holographic dual string theory on AdS spacetime. Specifically, the giant-graviton expansion contains the contribution of wrapped branes (giant-gravitons) as a finite-N correction to the large-N indices, and indices of SCFTs of any rank N can be calculated exactly. In this talk we will study recent developments on the giant-graviton expansion and also discuss “the duality” aspect associated to it.

Date/Place January 9th (Tue.) 15:40-16:40 / H701
Name Nobuhiro Maekawa (Nagoya U.)
 Title  TBA
Abstract TBA

Date/Place January 23th (Tue.) 15:40-16:40 / H701
Name Katsuya Hashino (Fukushima Collage)
 Title  TBA
Abstract TBA

Informal Seminars

Date/Place December 7th (Thu.) 15:00- / H701
Name 吉村太彦 (東京大学名誉教授)
 Title 「素粒子と宇宙:ある遍歴」
Abstract 素粒子の標準理論は、多くの高エネルギー実験結果で示されたように、ほぼ破綻なく成立していることは間違いない。標準理論を超える唯一のヒントはニュートリノ振動の発見による小さな有限質量であろう。一方、宇宙論からインフレーションと暗黒エネルギーの問題が新たなスカラー場の存在を示唆し、スカラー自由度がどのように標準理論と関係するかが問われている。講演者は、最近、スカラー自由度を含めた新たな重力理論の必要性に注目した理論展開に関わるようになった。ここに至る道筋も含めて素粒子と宇宙のかかわりについてお話したい。

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