Upcoming Seminars

Date/Place May. 29th (Tue.) 15:30-16:30 / H711
Name Shoji Hashimoto (KEK)
Title Quark-hadron duality and lattice QCD
Abstract Quark-hadron duality is a basic assumption which many perturbative QCD calculations rely on. There are plausible arguments about why it is valid, but only at a qualitative level. We propose a set of quantities for which quantitative and non-perturbative calculation is possible using lattice QCD. A well-known example is related to the R-ratio of e+e- scattering. A primary target of the method discussed in this talk is the inclusive decays of B mesons. We discuss on how one can calculate its decay rate or some related quantities.


Date/Place Jun. 8th (Fri.) 13:30-14:30 / H711
Name Takeo Moroi (Univ. of Tokyo)
Title Stability of Electroweak Vacuum in the Standard Model and Beyond
Abstract I will discuss recent progresses of the calculation of the decay rate of the electroweak vacuum in the standard model. I will also discuss how extra fermions may affect the stability of the electroweak vacuum.


Date/Place Jun. 22nd (Fri.) 12:10-13:10 / H711
Name Hermann Nicolai (Max Planck Institute)
Title The Conformal Standard Model
Abstract The Conformal Standard Model (CSM) is a minimal extension of the Standard Model of Particle Physics based on the assumed absence of large intermediate scales between the TeV scale and the Planck scale, which incorporates only right-chiral neutrinos and a new complex scalar in addition to the usual SM degrees of freedom, but no other features such as supersymmetric partners. In this talk I will present an overview and argue that all outstanding issues of particle physics proper can in principle be solved ‘in one go’ within this framework. The main testable prediction of the model is a new and almost sterile scalar boson that would manifest itself as a narrow resonance in the TeV region.


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