For the lectures on advance topics such as string theory, black holes etc, please go and see Lectures | 講演・講義.
Here is basically about teaching for undergrad and at most 1st year in master course level.

より専門的な内容(弦理論やブラックホール等)の内容の講義についてはLectures | 講演・講義をご覧ください。

Course list

For freshman/sophomore/junior/学部1年・2・3年生向け

○ Quantum Mechanics II (exercises): advanced course (for junior in department of physics)
量子力学 II 演義(アドバンスコース)
Content: Brief review of Quantum Mechanics I. Harmonic Oscillator, How to solve Schrödinger equations in 1D, 2D, 3D. Special functions. Laplacian in polar coordinates. Perturbations. etc

○ Mechanics II (for freshman in department of math/biology)
力学詳論 II
2022/fall&winter, 2021/fall&winter, 2020/fall&winter, 2019/fall&winter,
Content: Brief review of Mechanics I. Coordinate changes. Inertial/fictitious forces, Coriolis force. Center of masses. Two-body and Three-body problem. Torque. Motion of rigid bodies, Moment of inertia (angular mass). Precession of a gyroscope, precession of the equinoxes, etc

○ Mechanics I (for freshman in school of engineering)
力学詳論 I
2022/spring&summer, 2021/spring&summer, 2020/spring&summer
Content: Brief history. Basics of math and physics such as vector analysis, calculus. Newton’s laws of motion. Equations of motion. How to solve various differential equations. Taylor expansion. Conservation laws. Thought experiment. Motion in polar coordinates. Central force. Conservation laws. Planetary motion. Properties of waves, etc

○ Mathematics (exercises) for physics: advanced course (for sophomore in department of physics)
2019/spring&summer, 2018/spring&summer, 2017/spring&summer, 2016/spring&summer, 2015/spring&summer,
Content: Vector and vector operations. Derivatives. Differentiation of vectors (gradient, divergence, rotation). Integration of vectors (line integral, Gauss’ theorem, Stokes’ theorem). Preparation for mathematics (trigonometric functions, complex numbers, Euler’s formula). Oscillation of multiple degrees of freedom. Fourier series (periodic functions, trigonometric series, sine, cosine series, complex Fourier series). Properties of Fourier series (Perceval’s equality, orthogonal function system, differentiation and integration by terms, Gibbs’ phenomenon). Fourier transform (from Fourier series to Fourier transform, Fourier integral formula, inverse transform). Properties of Fourier transform (folding, differential and integral rules). Delta function. Green's function. Laplace transform, etc

○ Thermodynamics (exercises): advanced course (for sophomore in department of physics)
2017/fall&winter, 2016/fall&winter, 2015/fall&winter, 2014/fall&winter,
Content: Basic concepts of thermodynamics. Heat and work. Ideal gas. Adiabatic change. Carnot cycle. 1st law of thermodynamics and internal energy. Absolute thermodynamic temperature. Entropy. 2nd law of thermodynamics, Free energy. Total derivatives, partial derivatives, and Maxwell’s relations. Chemical potential. Phase and phase equilibrium. Landau's theory of phase transitions, etc

○ Mechanics I (exercises): advanced course (for freshman in department of physics)
Content: Basics of mathematics. Calculus. Vectors and its differential. Equations of motion. How to solve differential equations. More on mathematics (Complex number, Euler’s formula, Taylor expansion etc). Thought experiments. Polar coordinates. Centrifugal force. Conservation laws. Energy, momentum. Planetary motion, etc

○ Special Seminar in Physics (for freshman, sophomore, junior)
2020/fall&winter, 2015/spring&summer, 2014/spring&summer,
Content: Students discuss with faculty and find their own interesting topics and conduct their own research under the guidance of faculty.
* In 2015, 2014, Linear algebra and basics of quantum mechanics
* In 2020, Advanced content of quantum mechanics, such as quantum entanglement, quantum information etc

○ Experiments in physics (for freshman in school of engineering)
Content: Basics of experiments, oscilloscope, Borda's pendulum to measure the gravitational acceleration, etc

For senior/beginning master course student/学部4年・M1向け

○ Introduction to string theory for undergrad (for senior in particle theory group, seminar style)
Content: Brief history of string theory, relativity, relativistic point particle and its quantization, Nambu-Goto action, symmetry, relativistic strings, Polyakov action, spectrum, etc

○ Introduction to general relativity for undergrad (for senior in particle theory group, seminar style)
2021/spring&summer, 2018/spring&summer,
Content: Special relativity, Lorentz transformation, general principle of relativity, Principle of covariance, Equivalence principle, Manifolds, Tensor, Curvature, Einstein's equation, Black holes, etc

○ Quantum field theory for beginning grad student (for 1st year master course student in particle theory group, seminar style)
2017/spring&summer, 2016/spring&summer, 2015/spring&summer, 2014/spring&summer ,
Content: Basics of quantum mechanics, Basics of quantum fields, Quantization of fields, Path-integral, Perturbation, Loop corrections, Renormalization, etc

○ Advanced topics in quantum mechanics for undergrad (for senior in particle theory group, seminar style)
Content: Basics of quantum mechanics, Path-integral, Soliton, Instanton, Non-perturbative effects, etc

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