Welcome to HPNP2023

The 6th International Workshop on Higgs as a Probe of New Physics 2023 (HPNP2023) will be hosted by Osaka University. The workshop will be held in 5-9 June 2023.

By the discovery of a Higgs boson in 2012, the standard model was confirmed to give a good description for most of the phenomena below the electroweak scale. In spite of the success of the standard model, the nature of the Higgs sector and the dynamics behind the electroweak symmetry breaking are still mystery. On the other hand, there are phenomena which cannot be explained in the standard model, such as neutrino oscillation, existence of dark matter, baryon asymmetry of the Universe and cosmic inflation. It is clear that the new physics beyond the standard model is necessary.

The LHC has been revealing physics at the terascale and will be upgraded to the High-Luminosity LHC. Meanwhile, SuperKEKB will explore well beyond the terascale via heavy flavor decays. The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA), aimed at detecting gravitational waves from the early Universe, has been approved. The synergy of these upcoming experiments as well as future lepton colliders such as ILC, FCCee, CEPC and CLIC, and also various cosmological observations will bring us insights into the nature of new physics. Therefore, it is a good time to discuss the physics role of the Higgs sector and its relation to the physics beyond the standard model.

The aim of HPNP2023 is to bring together Higgs related physicists from around the world to mainly discuss the following topics:

  • Determination of the Shape of the Higgs Sector from Experiments
  • Physics of Extended Higgs Sectors
  • New Paradigms and Higgs Physics (SUSY, Composite Higgs, Scale Invariance, Extra Dim, ...)
  • Dynamics behind Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
  • Higgs Physics and Flavor Physics/Neutrinos Physics/Dark Matter/Baryogenesis
  • Electroweak Phase Transition and Higgs Physics
  • Higgs Inflation, other Cosmological Implications
  • Higgs and Planck Scale Physics
  Important Dates
  • 5th March 2023: Deadline for Abstract Submission
  • 5th March 2023: Deadline for Visa Letter Request
  • 5th April 2023: Deadline for Registration
  • 12th April 2023: Payment due date

  International Advisory Committee

Fawzi Boudjema (Annecy, LAPTH) Qing-Hong Cao (Peking U.)
Cheng-Wei Chiang (National Taiwan U.) Christophe Grojean (DESY)
Bohdan Grzadkowski (U. of Warsaw) Howard E. Haber (UC, Santa Cruz)
Junji Hisano (KMI, Nagoya U.) Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)
Stefano Moretti (U. of Southampton / Uppsala U.)
Mihoko Nojiri (KEK / Kavli IPMU) Yasuhiro Okada (KEK)
Michael E. Peskin (SLAC)

  Local Organizing Committee

Mayumi Aoki (Kanazawa U.) Mitsuru Kakizaki (U. of Toyama)
Chair: Shinya Kanemura (Osaka U.) Kin-ya Oda (TWCU)
Ryosuke Sato (Osaka U.) Tetsuo Shindou (Kogakuin U.)
Hiroaki Sugiyama (Toyama Pref. U.) Koji Tsumura (Kyushu U.)
Kei Yagyu (Osaka U.)


Shinya Kanemura (Chair): E-mail: kanemu_at_het.phys.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp
Secretary: E-mail: hpnp2023_at_het.phys.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp
(Please replace _at_ with @)


  • Department of Physics, Osaka University
  • Inoue Foundation for Science
  • Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau