2016 Journal Club Schedule

Every Wednesday: 12:10~13:00

For enquiries please email to yamayasu@het... or tanaka@het... Note that the current schedule assumes that the journal club is on every Wednesday throughout both semesters.

Date発表者 (Speaker)紹介文献 など (Journal, etc.)
May 11A. Alinea "Disformal invariance of second order tensor-scalar theories: framing the Horndeski action" arXiv:1306.6724 by D. Bettoni and S. Liberati; "Disformal invariance of cosmological perturbations in a generalized class of Horndeski theories" arXiv:1412.6210 by S. Tsujikawa; "Generalized G-inflation: Inflation with the most general second-order field equations" arXiv:1105.5723 by T. Kobayashi, M. Yamaguchi and J. Yokoyama
May 18N. Iizuka "Exact Path Integral for 3D Quantum Gravity" arXiv:1504.05991 by N. Iizuka, A. Tanaka and S. Terashima
Jun 1K. Hashimoto "Chaos of Chiral Condensate" arXiv:1605.08124 by K. Hashimoto, K. Murata and K. Yoshida
Jun 8Y. Hosotani "Toward Realistic Gauge-Higgs Grand Unification"
Jun 15H. Fukaya "Domain-wall fermion = topological insulator", reviewing E. Witten, arXiv:1508.04715 and D.M. Grabowska & D. B. Kaplan, PRL116(2016)211602[arXiv:1511.03649]
Jul 6A. Kagimura "Elastic Gauge Fields in Weyl Semimetals", reviewing Alberto Cortijo, Yago Ferreiros, Karl Landsteiner, Maria A. H. Vozmediano, arXiv:1603.02674
Jul 13T. Kubota ``The effective field theory of inflation" by C. Cheung et al. JHEP 9803, 014 (2008) arXiv:0709.0293; ``Large non-Gaussianities in the effective field theory approach to single field inflation" by N. Bartolo et al. Bispectrum: JCAP 1008, 008 (2010) arXiv:1004.0893 and Trispectrum: JCAP 1009, 035 (2010) arXiv:1006.5411
Jul 20H. Mori "S-folds and 4d N=3 superconformal field theories" by O. Aharony and Y. Tachikawa JHEP 06 (2016) 044, arXiv:1602.08638
Jul 27Y. Nakanishi "The importance of being warm (during inflation)" by S. Bartrum et al. Phys.Lett. B732 (2014) 116-121 [arXiv:1307.5868]
Summer vacation
Oct 5M. Nishida "A bound on chaos" by J. Maldacena et al. JHEP 1608 (2016) 106 [arXiv:1503.01409]
Oct 12K-y. Oda "A remark on alpha vacua for quantum field theories on de Sitter space" by R.Brunetti et al. JHEP 0505 (2005) 063 [arXiv:0503.022]
Oct 19T. Onogi "A Chiral Solution to the Ginsparg-Wilson Equation" by D.M.Grabowska et al. [arXiv:1610.02151]
Nov 2Y. Sugimoto "Hofstadter's Butterfly in Quantum Geometry" by Y.Hatsuda et al. [arXiv:1606.01894]
Nov 9K. Tamaoka "A Stereoscopic Look into the Bulk" by B.Czech et al. [arXiv:1604.03110]
Nov 16N. Tanahashi "Hydro-elastic Complementarity in Black Branes at large D" by R.Emparan et al. [arXiv:1602.05752]
Nov 30M. Tanaka "Observation of Anomalous Internal Pair Creation in 8Be: A Possible Signature of a Light, Neutral Boson" by A.J.Krasznahorkay et al. [arXiv:1504.01527]; "Protophobic Fifth Force Interpretation of the Observed Anomaly in 8Be Nuclear Transitions" by J.L.Feng et al. [arXiv:1604.07411]; "A pair spectrometer for measuring multipolarities of energetic nuclear transitions" by J.Gulyas et al. [arXiv:1504.00489]; "Particle Physics Models for the 17 MeV Anomaly in Beryllium Nuclear Decays" by J.L.Feng et al. [arXiv:1608.03591]
Dec 7X. Wu "The Epsilon-Expansion from Conformal Field Theory" by S.Rychkov et al. [arXiv:1505.00963]
Dec 14S. Yamaguchi "D-independent representation of Conformal Field Theories in D dimensions via transformation to auxiliary Dual Resonance Models. Scalar amplitudes" by G.Mack [arXiv:0907.2407]; "D-dimensional Conformal Field Theories with anomalous dimensions as Dual Resonance Models" by G.Mack [arXiv:0909.1024]; "TASI lectures on AdS/CFT" by J.Gulyas et al. [arXiv:1608.04948]
Dec 21S. Sugishita "Asymptotic Symmetries of Yang-Mills Theory" by A.Strominger [arXiv:1308.0589]; "On BMS Invariance of Gravitational Scattering" by A.Strominger [arXiv:1312.2229]; "BMS supertranslations and Weinberg's soft graviton theorem" by T.He et al. [arXiv:1401.7026]; "Semiclassical Virasoro Symmetry of the Quantum Gravity S-Matrix" by D.Kapec et al. [arXiv:1406.3312]; "New Symmetries of Massless QED" by T.He et al. [arXiv:1407.3789]; "2D Kac-Moody Symmetry of 4D Yang-Mills Theory" by T.He et al. [arXiv:1503.02663]; "A 2D Stress Tensor for 4D Gravity" by D.Kapec et al. [arXiv:1609.00282]
Winter vacation
Jan 19T. Yokoya "Entanglement Entropy for 2D Gauge Theories with Matters"
Jan 25R. Yamamura "cMERA for Interacting Fields" by J.S.Cotler et al. [arXiv:1612.02427]
Feb 1H. Osaki "Pulsar timing signal from ultralight scalar dark matter" by A.Khmelnitskya et al. [arXiv:1309.5888]

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