2021 Journal Club Schedule

Every Wednesday: 12:10~13:00

For enquiries please email to taisuke.katayose@het... or yamaguch@het... . Note that the current schedule assumes that the journal club is on every Wednesday throughout both semesters.

Last update: July 23th
Date Speaker Journal, etc.
May 12 M. Aiko "Probing Extended Scalar Sectors with Precision e+e- → Zh and Higgs Diphoton Studies" by Michael J. Ramsey-Musolf, Jiang-Hao Yu and Jia Zhou [inspire].
May 19 T. Anegawa "Entanglement Wedge Cross Section and it's application" by Chris Akers, Pratik Rath [inspire].
May 26 S. Aoki "Spin connection and boundary states in a topological insulator" by V. Parente, P. Lucignano, P. Vitale, A. Tagliacozzo, and F. Guinea [prb].
June 2 K. Enomoto "Dark CP violation and gauged lepton or baryon number for electroweak baryogenesis" by Marcela Carena, Mariano Quiros, Yue Zhang [inspire].
June 9 H. Fukaya "Testing the mechanism of lepton compositness" by V. Afferrante, A. Maas, R. Sondenheimer, P. Törek [inspire]
June 16 Y. Hosotani "Electroweak and Left-Right Phase Transitions in Gauge-Higgs Unification" by S. Funatsu, H. Hatanaka, Y.Hosotani, Y. Orikasa and N. Yamatsu [inspire]
June 23 No Journal Club
June 30 N. Iizuka "Islands, the Page curve, wormholes and quantum noise" by T. Anegawa and N. Iizuka [inspire]
July 7 No Journal Club
July 14 T. Katayose "Constraining light dark matter upscattered by ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays" by Chen Xia, Yan-Hao Xu, Yu-Feng Zhou [inspire]
July 21 S. Kanemura "Primordial black holes and electroweak phase transitions" by Michael J. Baker, Moritz Breitbach, Joachim Kopp, Lukas Mittnacht[inspire]
July 28 N. Kawai "Remarks on the Chiral Phase Transition in Chromodynamics" by Robert D. Pisarski, Frank Wilczek [inspire]
October 13 M. Koide "Topological Defect Lines and Renormalization Group Flows in Two Dimensions" by Chi-Ming Chang, Ying-Hsuan Lin, Shu-Heng Shao, Yifan Wang, Xi YinR [inspire]
October 20 Y. Matsuki "Higher-Order Topological Insulators" by Frank Schindler, Ashley M. Cook, Maia G. Vergniory, Zhijun Wang, Stuart S. P. Parkin, B. Andrei Bernevig, Titus Neupert [inspire]
TBD O. Morikawa
November 10 R. Nagai "Electroweak Skyrmions in the HEFT" by Juan Carlos Criado, Valentin V. Khoze, Michael Spannowsky [inspire]
November 17 Y. Nagoya "Non-Invertible Duality Defects in 3+1 Dimensions" byYichul Choi, Clay Cordova, Po-Shen Hsin, Ho Tat Lam, Shu-Heng Shao [inspire]
November 24 K. Nishikawa "Critical phenomena in gravitational collapse" by Carsten Gundlach [inspire]
November 29 T. Onogi "Comments on Symmetric Mass Generation in 2d and 4d" by David Tong [inspire]
TBD M. Shimoda
December 15 T. Sumimoto "Holographic Theories at Finite θ-Angle, CP-Violation, Glueball Spectra and Strong-Coupling Instabilities" by Yuta Hamada, Elias Kiritsis, Francesco Nitti [inspire]
December 22 M. Takeuchi "Quantum Algorithm for High Energy Physics Simulations" by Christian W. Bauer, Wibe A. de Jong, Benjamin Nachman, Davide Provasoli [inspire]
January 5 Ma. Tanaka "Cosmic ray air showers from sphalerons" by Gustaaf Broojimans, Peter Schichtel, Michael Spannowsky [inspire]
January 12 Mi. Tanaka "Vector Dark Matter from Inflationary Fluctuations" by Peter W. Graham, Jeremy Mardon, Surjeet Rajendran [inspire]
January 19 K. Yagyu "Dark matter in minimal dimensional transmutation with multicritical-point principle" by Y. Hamada, H. Kawai, K. Oda, K. yagyu [inspire]
January 26 S. Yamaguchi "AdS / CFT correspondence and topological field theory", by E. Witten [inspire]
February 2 H. Kawakami "Boundary States for Chiral Symmetries in Two Dimensions", by P. B. Smith, D. Tong [inspire]

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