2023 Journal Club Schedule

Every Wednesday: 12:10~13:00

For enquiries please email to mkoide@het... or nicolo@het... . Note that the current schedule assumes that the journal club is on every Wednesday throughout both semesters.

Last update: January 13th
Date Speaker Journal, etc.
May 17 T. Anegawa "Shock waves and delay of hyperfast growth in de Sitter complexity" by T. Anegawa and N. Iizuka [inspire].
May 24 T. Mondal "Electroweak multi-Higgs production: A smoking gun for the Type-I 2HDM" by T. Mondal et al. [inspire]
June 14 Ma. Tanaka "Baryogenesis from sphaleron decoupling" by M. Hong, K. Kamada, J. Yokoyama [inspire]
June 21 R. Florentino "Topology in the Weinberg-Salam Theory" by F. Klinkhamer and N. Manton [inspire], " Symmetry Breaking Through Bell-Jackiw Anomalies" by G. 't Hooft [inspire]
July 5 D. Ge "Looking for a bulk point" by J. Maldacena, D. Simmons-Duffin and A. Zhiboedov [inspire]
July 12 N. Iizuka "Krylov complexity in the IP matrix model" by N. Iizuka and M. Nishida [inspire]
July 19 H. Wada "Discrete gauge anomalies revisited" by C.-T. Hsieh [inspire]
July 26 S. Kanemura "importance of the di-photon decay of the Higgs boson to explore new physics beyond the SM"
October 4 H. Fukaya "Can hadrons describe Quark Gluon Plasma?" based on "Pion spectral properties above the chiral crossover of QCD" by Peter Lowdon and Owe Philipsen [inspire]
October 18 K. Kawabata "Beauty and the beast: Superconformal symmetry in a monster module" by L. Dixon, P. Ginsparg & J. Harvey [springer] "Beauty And The Beast Part 2: Apprehending The Missing Supercurrent" by G. Moore, R. Singh [arxiv]
November 1 Y. Mura "Low-Scale Leptogenesis in the Scotogenic Neutrino Mass Model" by Hugle, Thomas and Platscher, Moritz and Schmitz, Kai [arxiv]
November 8 T. Nishioka "Averaged Null Energy and the Renormalization Group" by T. Hartman, G. Mathys [arxiv]
November 15 T. Onogi "A lattice Chiral Boson Theory in 1+1 d", Michael DeMarco, Ethan Lake, and Xiao-Gang Wen, [arxiv]
November 22 S. K. Sake "JT Gravity in de Sitter Space and the Problem of Time", Kanhu Kishore Nanda, Sunil Kumar Sake, Sandip P. Trivedi [arxiv]
November 29 R. Sato “Axion Domain Walls, Small Instantons, and Non-Invertible Symmetry Breaking”, C. Cordova, S. Hong, L. T. Wang [arxiv]
December 6 D. Ward “Separation-of-charge confinement and the Higgs transition in SU(3) gauge Higgs theory”, Jeff Greensite, Hou Y. Yau [arxiv]
December 13 Mi. Tanaka "Stochastic fluctuations of bosonic dark matter", G.P. Centers et al. [doi]
December 14 M. Koide "Decorated Z2 Symmetry Defects and Their Time-Reversal Anomalies" Clay Cordova, Kantaro Ohmori, Shu-Heng Shao, Fei Yan [arxiv]
December 19 Y. Nagoya "Symmetry TFTs and anomalies of non-invertible symmetries" Justin Kaidi, Emily Nardoni, Gabi Zafrir and Yunqin Zheng [arxiv]
December 20 N. Kan "Chiral gauge theory at the boundary between topological phases" D. Kaplan
January 10 S. Shimamori "von Neumann algebra and entanglement entropy"
January 17 K. Yagyu " Dirac vs Majorana: Higgs-Z' sector as a probe of neutrino nature" in collaboration with Shivasankar K.A. and Arindam Das (Hokkaido U.).
January 18 O. Morikawa "Lattice realization of the axial $U(1)$ non-invertible symmetry" Y. Honda, O. Morikawa, S. Onoda and H. Suzuki [arxiv]
January 24 S. Yamaguchi "Anomalies and Nonsupersymmetric D-Branes" E. Witten [arxiv]
January 31 N. Zenori "Emergent times in holographic duality", S. Leutheusser and H. Liu [arxiv]
February 22 S. Aoki "Discrete Chiral Symmetry and Mass Shift in Lattice Hamiltonian Approach to Schwinger Model", Ross Dempsey, Igor R. Klebanov, Silviu S. Pufu, Bernardo Zan [arxiv]

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