2021 Journal Club Schedule

Every Wednesday: 12:10~13:00

For enquiries please email to taisuke.katayose@het... or yamaguch@het... . Note that the current schedule assumes that the journal club is on every Wednesday throughout both semesters.

Last update: July 23th
Date Speaker Journal, etc.
May 12 M. Aiko "Probing Extended Scalar Sectors with Precision e+e- → Zh and Higgs Diphoton Studies" by Michael J. Ramsey-Musolf, Jiang-Hao Yu and Jia Zhou [inspire].
May 19 T. Anegawa "Entanglement Wedge Cross Section and it's application" by Chris Akers, Pratik Rath [inspire].
May 26 S. Aoki "Spin connection and boundary states in a topological insulator" by V. Parente, P. Lucignano, P. Vitale, A. Tagliacozzo, and F. Guinea [prb].
June 2 K. Enomoto "Dark CP violation and gauged lepton or baryon number for electroweak baryogenesis" by Marcela Carena, Mariano Quiros, Yue Zhang [inspire].
June 9 H. Fukaya "Testing the mechanism of lepton compositness" by V. Afferrante, A. Maas, R. Sondenheimer, P. Törek [inspire]
June 16 Y. Hosotani "Electroweak and Left-Right Phase Transitions in Gauge-Higgs Unification" by S. Funatsu, H. Hatanaka, Y.Hosotani, Y. Orikasa and N. Yamatsu [inspire]
June 23 No Journal Club
June 30 N. Iizuka "Islands, the Page curve, wormholes and quantum noise" by T. Anegawa and N. Iizuka [inspire]
July 7 No Journal Club
July 14 T. Katayose "Constraining light dark matter upscattered by ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays" by Chen Xia, Yan-Hao Xu, Yu-Feng Zhou [inspire]
July 21 S. Kanemura "Primordial black holes and electroweak phase transitions" by Michael J. Baker, Moritz Breitbach, Joachim Kopp, Lukas Mittnacht[inspire]
July 28 N. Kawai "Remarks on the Chiral Phase Transition in Chromodynamics" by Robert D. Pisarski, Frank Wilczek [inspire]
October 13 M. Koide
October 18 H. Kawakami
October 20 Y. Matsuki
October 27 O. Morikawa
November 10 R. Nagai
November 17 Y. Nagoya
November 24 K. Nishikawa
November 29 T. Onogi
December 8 M. Shimoda
December 15 T. Sumimoto
December 22 M. Takeuchi
January 5 Ma. Tanaka
January 12 Mi. Tanaka
January 19 K. Yagyu
January 26 S. Yamaguchi

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